Thursday, January 24, 2008

What is her fascination?

Brynn drew this last night. It is a picture of her and me. I am going to work with my lunch bag and she is going to school. I'm on the left. She is on the right. I'm thinking this is so special, just a picture of her and me. Then I ask what the round things are between my legs. Well, of course, it's my poop. I laugh hysterically. That's a funny 3 year old's mind. But, really, does she have to be fascinated with poop? Anything but poop.

Proud Mommy moment--Brynn was waiting for me to get ready this morning and wrote the letter A. Pretty good too if I may say so myself. She impresses me so much with her knowledge. Last night, she counted to 25 and only made one mistake.

By the way, are the moons misaligned? In the last 5 days, I have fallen in my house smacking my knee, chin and nose on the kitchen floor, tried to do a split on an iced over puddle with Brynn in my arms, and ran my inner ankle bone into Bitty Baby's suitcase pulling my inner thigh muscle (still sore from aforementioned split attempt). Seriously, what gods have I angered?


Mamacita said...

I thought she was going to say 'testicles' so poop sound better to me!

Doris & Dan said...

Hee said poop...

Time to pull out the bubble wrap suit!

Keep smilin!

Vivian M said...

Kerri draws people the same way - sans the falling excrement. But she can only count to ten, however she can do that feat in three languages.
I still think Brynn is way ahead of Kerri in so many ways, and her imagination and creativity is wonderful!
As for you, I hope you get well soon and have no more "accidents". Time to hang a red ribbon by your front door! (Or light a white candle, or place a glass of water in your kitchen...).

Juliette said...

So cute! Even the poop.
Maƫlle never draw me like that but at the time she was seeing families every where (daddy, mommy and baby planes, school buses, animals, plants...) we did have the poop family!