Thursday, January 3, 2008

This is me right now

I am pissed and depressed and I am not a drinker. Not a good combination. China sent referrals for 5 days, 2 of which are the weekend, so really only 3 days of LIDs. This just sucks.

There are 255 days between December 19th and our LID. Divide that by 5 days and you get 51 months. That is over 4 years from now until our referral. That just can't be correct, right? Oh, and don't forget, March 2006 was a HUGE LID month. It will probably take a year to get through it alone.

I just want my daughter, Brynn's little sister. That's all. So glad we just refiled for our new 171. Woohoo--one free one from the US government. Too bad we'll need how many more before we get to China?

Maybe I will start drinking.


Vivian M said...

Come on over, I make a great cup of courage.

secret agent said...

Deja VOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sucks is the understatement of the year.
try a mojito.......just the right combination for a full effect without the gag.

Paynes in China said...

I agree with Secret Agent - mojitos are the way to go. Not sure how many bottles of rum we will need since if you have a 4 year wait, I'm probably looking at 6 year wait - HA :( I'll be right over, have the mint & lime ready. ~ileana

secret agent said...

I counted 253 days left for us.
who's right???
that freakin 2 day difference could mean an entire month or two extra waiting

Tasha said...

Mind if I pull up a chair at your table and indulge in my drink?

Mamacita said...

I'll join you in the lounge for a drink. My LID is 08/31/06. Your daughter is gorgeous!

Doris & Dan said...


Nothing more to add.