Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year...a day late

We had a great New Year's weekend although we are all sick with colds. This cold will not leave us. We have used so many Kleenex in the past 3 weeks.

We went bowling with a few friends and then back to one of their houses. Brynn made it to 11:59. As we were counting the ball down, she decided she was tired and wanted to go home. The wall had been hit. She was done. So, home for us at 12:01.

New Year's Day was spent with my stepmom and her beau. Brynn loves being at Grammy's. I'm hoping that Brynn will get to spend more time with Jean once she retires in March. Brynn would really enjoy that.

We wish a wonderful new year to everyone. May everyone's lives be wonderful and hopefully China will speed up the referral process so that many, many precious babies may come home.

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Vivian M said...

Happy New Year and may this be the year Brynn becomes a big sister!