Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mommy Daughter Time

Yesterday, Brynn and I went to Le Golden Arches for supper since we had a haircut appointment at 6. We had so much fun, just the two of us. I found out that we don't do this nearly enough. This will be something I mark on my calendar to do.

You know that a 3 year old humor is really hard to beat. She cracks herself up all the time. She was looking at the expensive glassware that was holding her drink and asked who Ronald McDonald was. I explained the wierd looking, strange dressing man to her (Seriously, what grown man wears yellow and red while having red hair? More kids should have nightmares because of him.). Then she asked what a liitle girl on the cup was doing. I said that she was using a hula hoop. Brynn proceeded to say "hula poop" and cracked up. I thought only boys found bodily functions funny?

We then went for our haircuts. Brynn's hair needed cut so badly. It had started growing so oddly. The top was super long like actually touching her back and the underneath wasn't even touching her collar. And it had to be cut to match. Maybe by Chinapalooza 2008, it will be long enough for a pony tail.

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Vivian M said...

You know, I have never done that with Kerri and it just may be about time that we visit Chez Mc'ds. Thanks for the idea!