Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some People

I was at the grocery store yesterday and ran into someone that I haven't seen for a while. She had heard that we were going back to China and I, of course, said whenever China tells us to come. She reminded me that her son and daughter-in-law had adopted a son from Russia and they were thinking of going back since Russia had reopened. (which I didn't know) I told her they should definitely go and get the girl they want. And she responded, "Well, you know they had one of their own." What, the adopted child isn't theirs? Only bio kids are ours? That kind of stuff drives me insane maybe because I am from one of "those families" that have adopted and bio kids and we are all siblings. There is no difference. And just as an aside--My brother's adoption was $25. My sister's was $50. Ours are costing us a little more than that:)


Doris & Dan said...

Maddening to hear crap like that!

Vivian M said...

How I wish our adoptions were that affordable. It should not be a matter of bio vs non, nor one of cost. A true family is formed with love, not money or DNA.
By the way, Corey's middle brother was adopted too, but I did not know for the longest time since they think of him as just another "bio" kid (although I always wondered if Corey's Mom had an affair since he looks nothing like them). Was I relieved to find out Mom-in-law was not fooling around!