Friday, October 5, 2007

We have a new nephew!!

We are so excited. We just got the call that Kevin's brother and sister-in-law just finished the adoption of their second child, JJ, from Guatemala. They will be home on Wednesday after having to stay almost 3 weeks. They will be coming to our house in a couple of weeks so that we can meet the newest members of the crazy family. We can not wait!!

This picture is from March, so we know he won't look exactly like this, but isn't he cute? Congratulations for a second time in 2 weeks to Uncle and V!!


Vivian M said...

He is a cutie, congratulations to you all!

KAJ said...

Hi Julie: You mentioned on my blog that you would like to link to it - feel free - I loved your blog - loved the packing list challenge and got a lot of tips from this. Thanks again and good luck on your journey.