Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Weekend

I normally love weekends. I am not looking forward to this one. Tonight we are painting the hall and it's ceiling. Tomorrow we will be going to a pumpkin festival in the morning so that our daughter doesn't think we are totally ignoring her. Tomorrow afternoon, you guessed it, more painting--the walls of the living room and dining room. The cathedral ceiling makes the walls 13 feet high. UGH. If we are not done tomorrow, then Sunday after church will be more painting. We have to get all this done this weekend if we want to scrub the carpets before our furniture comes next Friday. I can not wait until all of this is done and we can relax. Brynn really needs us right now. She has become very insecure so this isn't the perfect time to need to get this done, but it has to. Hopefully we can figure out a good balance between work and play.

By the way, tomorrow is Kevin's birthday. Happy Birthday to my best friend in all the world. I love you.

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Vivian M said...

Happy birthday Kevin! Hope you get everything accomplished this weekend that you have planned. Brynn is right to remind you to stop and take breaks with her! I know you all will pull this off wonderfully, hang in there!