Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Weekend Part 2

This is how our weekend started. Brynn in her "painting apron" ready to help us paint. She was such a trooper helping us. Of course, that lasted about 2 minutes. It was then onto watching "The Jungle Book" for her while we painted.

We were so excited to go to the local Pumpkin Festival with Brynn so that we could spend some quality, non-painting family time with Brynn. No such luck. The pumpkin festival was having a parade. Think Macy's Thanksgiving Parade--Not! This is a little town with a Halloween parade that has little kids walking down the street in their costumes. They blocked a major road for this parade and they also blocked the entry to the only parking lot. We sat there and waited and waited. Finally a cop directed us down a street to park. It was a dead end with no parking. Fine, we aren't going to the dumb festival. We're going to The Springhouse. We'll show them.

The Springhouse is a local dairy that milks their own cows and makes the best lemonade. (Kevin would say they make the best iced tea and chocolate milk.) We haven't been here just the 3 of us for such a long time. Brynn goes often with the grandparents so we let her "show us around".

First, we had to get ice cream. It was 40 degrees and very cold, but it was ice cream time.

Next, we walked around outside and looked at pumpkins and tractors (like we don't have enough of them at home). Brynn was driving the tractor and Daddy was working the brakes.

I know this sign says that Brynn is under 3 feet tall, but look at how much lower her feet are to the bottom of the sign!

This is how the weekend ended--with Kevin getting a cupcake with one candle in it a day after his birthday at 8:30 at night. But, hearing Brynn sing "Happy Birthday" to her Daddy made everything seem perfect.

By the way, we are done painting!! Tonight, we are reinstalling the freshly stained baseboard and I'll be washing all the crap (I mean that in a good way, of course.)that goes back into the curio and china cabinets. Lots of glass. Fun, ha?

Looking forward to Friday when we get the furniture and we can say we are done with this project. Next weekend, we are cleaning the computer room so that Kevin's brother actually has somewhere to sleep. I think I would rather paint.

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Vivian M said...

Yay! You accomplished what you set out to do (paint) and had fun too! Love Kevin's birthday cupcake, it's just right (chocolate) and not too many calories, lol.