Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Arthritis? What Arthritis?

What not to do when you have been diagnosed with arthritis in your neck.

My husband is such a dork. Brynn truly does have the best Dad in the world because it truly doesn't matter the pain. He will do whatever to make sure she has a great childhood. He is such a blessing.

Rumors are spreading that referrals are likely to come this week. Too bad we have no idea what the cutoff date is. We have friends that have been waiting since December 2005. Their dossier was submitted when the wait was only 6 months. I feel so bad for them. I talked to her today and she is just depressed. And I can totally understand. Here's to a big bunch of referrals. Please!
UPDATE: Our agency's referrals are in for dossiers logged in on November 30, 2005. Congrats to those families. Our agency's next group isn't untl December 19th. It is going to take months to get there. What a terrible feeling.

Update on Kevin's brother and sister-in-law. They are still in Guatemala hoping to get their son's paperwork to the Embassy by Thursday. They stayed an extra 9 days so that they could bring him home too. We haven't heard anything since Sunday so hopefully no news is good news. We need JJ to come home with his family.

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Vivian M said...

I heard a rumor about Guatemala adoptions closing down as of January, so it's a good thing they are finalizing everything now!
Anyways, it looks like Brynn has her Daddy wrapped around her little princess finger, as it should be!