Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's in my bum?

Oh Lordy. Another question while I'm in the shower.

Brynn "passes gas" with no "Oops" or "Excuse Me". It happens so often that we correct her and then shake our heads knowing it will probably happen again in mere minutes. I love that reckless abondonment that comes with 3 year olds. They don't know that it isn't acceptable to do that. They just do and keep walking. Kinda like old women.

This morning while I was enjoying my nice, hot shower, Brynn comes in, sits on her step, and rattles her bum. This is the questions that follows:

"Mom, what's in my bum? "

Off to explain our gastointestinal tract to a 3 year old. Think she'll get it?

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Vivian M said...

LOL!!!! My goodness, our girls are on the same wave length with the questions they come up with!
I suggest you may want to lock the bathroom door to have some quiet time and privacy in the shower? Of course, it doesn't work here...they purposely wait until I am in the shower!