Friday, February 15, 2008


I think we found was Bigfoot does for an occupation. He's a carpet cleaner. Kevin's foot print is on the right. The carpet cleaner's is on the left. Huge!!

Anyway, our carpet is clean. Thank God. The only problem--everything that was on our carpet is now on any flat surface that is in our house. Brynn's bed is stacked ceiling high with crap. (We didn't know until I was walking out the door yesterday that they carpet cleaners were coming or we would have stashed things out of the way.) And yes, she slept in our bed. We couldn't put anything on the carpet last night because it was still wet so she had no where else to sleep. Of course, on the way to my mother-in-law's house this morning, she asked what day it was today. I told her Friday and she exclaims Yeah, I get to sleep in your bed tonight. (She gets to sleep in our bed on Friday nights as a special treat for her.) Like she hasn't slept there all week because of all
the issues with the house this week. But, the house should be done except for the new blinds that we have to buy and the painting of two of the bedrooms which we have to pick out the paint colors for.

A Brynn story for the day:
Last night, on the way home, we passed an accident on the interstate complete with fire trucks, policemen and ambulances. Brynn asked what was going on and I explained an accident to her. This is our conversation:
B: What are those cars:
Me: Ambulances
B: What do they do?
Me: They take people with serious boo-boos to the hospital.
B: The Hos ta bull?
Me: No, the hos pi tal.
B: Hos ta bull?
Me: No, repeat after me hos pi tal.
B: Hos ta bull?
Me: Hos pi tal.
B: Yeah, hos ta bull.
So ambulances are to take people to the hostabull according to Brynn. Gotta love a 3.5 year old trying to figure out our language.

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Vivian M said...

Awwww too cute! I love when Kerri tries to say a new word.
Have a great weekend, and hope your home is back to normal soon!