Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Chinese New Year Celebration

This picture just cracks me up.

Our local FCC group held their annual Chinese New Year party on Saturday. It was really nice. Brynn noticed immediately that there were many other Chinese girls there. It is always interesting to be with other families that have adopted. For once, you aren't in the minority. You are just like everyone else. You don't stand out.

I think this is one reason we are so excited for our friends to come home with Ilayna (By the way, they should have her now!! Woo Hoo!!) Brynn can hang out with people that are just like her, another family just like hers. This is so important, yet we don't have a huge connection to people locally. I think a lot of it is our fault. Some, though, is our community. We just aren't a big Asian hub. We are so jealous of people who have that local connection. Like our Chicago travel buddies. The girls are friends, which is just so cool.

Anyway, the party was wonderful. We sat with a really snarky couple and a single adoptive mom. Believe me, they made the party even more fun than it should have been!!


Vivian M said...

Brynn looks adorable in that blue Chinese dress!
I love sitting next to fun people! Now that I think about it, our whole travel group was fun, too bad we did not get to spend too much time with everyone.
Maybe one of these days we can finally see you all in Chinapalooza!

secret agent said...

lovely little dress.
Glad you found cool people to sit with.
I'd be stuck in a prayer circle. :)