Wednesday, February 13, 2008

At a snail's pace

The restoration company was at our house again this morning. They are hoping to be done with the cleaning tomorrow. The carpet and upholstery cleaners will be there tomorrow too. They don't think the walls of 2 of the bedrooms will come clean, so they will need to be repainted and they aren't sure that the carpet will clean either so we may be getting new living room carpet. What a mess. I really just want my house back.

Nickelodeon has a new show called "Ni Hao, Kai-lan". Brynn loves it. She seems to asscociate with Kai-lan even though Kai-lan doesn't look completely Chinese. It is really interesting to watch. She never really responded to Dora or Diego, but she will actually get out of the chair and do the actions that Kai-lan does. And she tries to say the Chinese words, although they are so hard to hear correctly, but she tries. It just reinforces what Kevin and I have been noticing a lot recently. She is starting to notice the difference between her and others around her. While watching Good Morning America, she pointed out that JuJu Chan looked like her. I don't think she would have commented about that a couple of months ago. This leads to many questions that I can only pray we are ready to answer.

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Vivian M said...

Hope your home gets back to normal again very soon!
We do not get that show here (yet), so not sure what it is all about. But Kerri loves Dora and Diego (probaby because Momma speaks Spanish).