Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Round-up

What a great weekend we had. Friday was spent swinging on her swingset and swimming in her little pool. I have to give Kevin a big pat on the back for the swingset that he built. We didn't use a pattern, just a couple of ideas that we had. He did such an awesome job.

Our new swingset. The bottom is complete yet, but we love it. We just need to get the mulch around it now.

The back of the swingset. Don't you love the gangplank?

On Saturday, we went to a farm auction. Kevin bought a $35 bucket of tools, but didn't get his Stihl chainsaw. It went for so much. He pouted a little and then moved on. That night was Kirsten's 10th birthday party. Just imagine 12 10 year old girls screeching for hours in the pool. And they stayed over night. We left at 1 AM and they were going swimming again. I said a little pray for Melissa. Brynn and Kevin went swimming but I didn't get my camera out. I'm so bummed about this. Brynn rode in her little boat raft and had such a great time. She also "hung" with the "big girls" who were having a beauty salon party in the house. She got to watch all the 10 year olds putting make-up on, painting nails, and getting their hair done.

Sunday was a day for church and then home for a long nap. She wore one of her new skirts that Aunt Norma made. It is just too cute. I promise to take pictures of these soon. Brynn swam in her pool again last night. She loves the water, plus she got to wear her Ariel tankini. How much happier can an almost 3 year old be?

By the way, our garden is doing so well. We think the lettuce may be done for the year, but the spinach is still going strong. We have had broccoli and peppers so far, but the tomatoes are getting close to ripening. This has been Kevin's baby and he has taken such good care of it. I'll have to post a picture of it. Maybe tonight I'll get one, if it isn't too hot!! (In the 90s yesterday, today and tomorrow--eek)

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