Monday, July 2, 2007

Weekend Round-Up

Friday we went to a "Sundae Party" at Pat and Tom Michalko's new house. We had so much fun. Brynn loved have other people to pester. Larry and Nancy were there and they brought Sara and Justin. Kelley and Joel came too. Tricia is now home so she got to join the party too. The Wildthings were putting off fireworks so we went to the front yard and watched them. Brynn really does love fireworks. Maybe because they were invented in China:)

Saturday, Lucas and Jill got married at Linden Hall in Dawson, PA. The wedding was so nice. They had cocktail hour after the wedding in the mansion's solarium. The weather was perfect!! The reception was held in the hotel reception hall. Brynn was such a stinker. She had horrible table manners. I think it was because she just wanted to dance. We told her that we would dance at the reception and she just couldn't wait.

Sunday, we picked more berries. It is so nice having fresh berries to eat. Our garden is doing so great. We got more peppers and spinach yesterday. We'll probably have more today or tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Brynn and her Daddy

Some of Grandma Kinder's Family

Brynn and Mommy Dancing

Brynn boogeying!!

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