Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Water Baby!!

We went swimming last night at Chris and Melissa's. Brynn loved the water. She rode in her "jet ski" for a while then out of that and into her life jacket. She did so well putting her mouth in the water. I was very impressed considering she hates water anywhere near her face when she gets a bath!! Kirsten and CJ are so good with her. Kirsten loved holding her while she was in her life jacket. Brynn loved being out of her jet ski just so that she could spray us with a water gun. What a stinker.

This picture is of a bunny that Kevin found in our yard last night while he was watering the plants. It is so tiny. We also have a set of twin fawns on the farm. We love seeing them. They are still young enough to have their spots. We also saw a skunk in the field--far enough away that we didn't have to worry about him. Kevin saw him on the road a little later and did everything possible to avoid hitting him. Thank goodness or his truck would have been parked outside for a long, long time.

How blessed are we that we get to see this type of stuff just outside our window all the time?

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