Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 3 in Nanning

We decided to spend the day alone today. Nathan had a really hard time after Hannah left our room yesterday. The tantrums started all over again. We ordered fried noodles for Nathan and had Hannah order a pizza from Pizza Hut for us. I don’t think any of us were very hungry. Nathan finally fell asleep in my arms and slept most of the night in his crib. Brynn and I were awake in the middle of the night surfing the net. Still can’t get on China time.

This morning, we went downstairs for breakfast. Nathan loves eggs, fruit, and juice. The juice is literally freshly squeezed. Our first day, Brynn had cherry juice. Yesterday, it was watermelon juice and today was cantaloupe juice. They are all very good. We may have to try making watermelon juice this summer. And they had bacon this morning on the buffet. It was pretty tasty and a needed taste.

We did go to McDonald’s yesterday after Walmart. Everything tastes very much like home. Brynn did say the ketchup tasted different than Heinz. And the barbecue sauce for the nuggets was actually garlic sauce.

Nathan is very tiny. We have a couple pair of pants that just won’t fit. They are huge in the waist and aren’t adjustable. I think all his pants for a while will have to be adjustable. His 18 months shirts are still a little big. He has huge eyes that just draw you in.

Brynn is being a little trooper. She is feeding him fishies right now. I think she expected him to jump into her arms and love all over her. It just isn't happening that way. She is trying to learn to be patient. She is such a joy to us.

This post is really all over the place. Sorry about that. Just trying to give you some information about our time here.


Jen & Bill said...

you guys look like you are doing well. Nathan looks so much like Ricky when we got him. I can give you some pant advice when you get home.

Just watch...He will turn a corner and then Brynn will be begging for him to leave her alone.

hugs to all of you.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

The pics are very cute. I am cracking up at the look of the backpack - like he is ready for an expedition. Which, I guess, on some level is what this is for all of you. Sorry the transition is going rough. It's been such a short time so far and he seems to be warming up in the photos. Hopefully things will continue to improve quickly.

BTW, I love that the post is "all over". It put me in that "day after getting a kid thrust at you and you seem stranded in a hotel room in a foreign country" kind of mood. ha ha.

Vivian M said...

Boy does this bring back memories, we spent the entire first week we got Kerri pretty much locked in our rooms.
Brynn is such a trouper, please tell her we are very proud of her for being such a good and patient big sister! I know with time her brother will be her bestest friend.
Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts and prayers!