Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sent a package

Last night, Brynn, Kevin and I went to redthreadchina.com and ordered a care package for Nathan. Yeah, I know. It's a little past Christmas. Honestly, Christmas came and went in a blink. We just couldn't find time to sit down, pick out what we wanted to send, and write a letter. Think about it--how do you write a letter to the people who are taking care of your child halfway around the world? What do you send a child who doesn't know or understand that you are coming? Thankfully, friends sent us a copy of the letter they had sent to their child. It was wonderful having a guide to go by.

Ann at redthreadchina.com said that she will be taking care of the package tomorrow. Nathan may have it by the end of the week. The thought kinda makes my stomach do flips.

If only he understood that that little package is only the beginning.

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