Friday, June 27, 2008

A Funeral, A Birthday, and Gratitude

When Kevin's grandma died, we hoped that his brother and family would be able to come home. Not only did they get to come home; they stayed for a week. It was wonderful getting to spend time with them and the nephew and niece.

Who Stinkered?

2 of her 3 grandchildren

Like my hat?


Cute personified!

Little Miss Kitty

Look at all my teeth!

We also got to see Kevin's extended family. Brynn loves to play with her cousins Sophia and Isabella. They just really seem to get along well. We can't wait to get together with them again.

Sophia, Isabella, and Brynn

Then I had a great surprise by getting a phone call from my Aunt Janice. She was in town with my cousin and they were celebrating another aunt's (Aunt Louise) 90th birthday. Now, you have to understand how important Aunt Janice is to me, so to get to spend time with her is wonderful. Plus, I was going to get to visit with some of my mom's family. We don't see them much since Mom died, so when I get to see them, I really enjoy it. And I took NO pictures. How wrong is that?

I am so grateful that I have family on both sides that I adore. Kevin's family instantly became mine and the same is true about mine to him. Everyone doesn't have this connection and for this we are truly blessed.


Anonymous said...

Those kids look so happy together. That was a cute first picture.

Vivian M said...

It is a blessing when family gets along, there are some families out there that are very dysfunctional and can't.
Glad you had the opportunity to see your Aunt and other family members! Next time bring the camera!