Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our weekend

We had such a great time over the weekend making some candies for Christmas- Buckeyes, Oreo Balls, and Chocolate Dipped Pretzels. Our Oreo Balls look more like white logs and the Buckeyes are not perfectly round, but they all still taste pretty good. Brynn loves to do stuff like this. But who doesn't like to dip anything into chocolate? It's always a shame when you get it all over your hands.

The weekend didn't start too well as Jean's basement flooded again. This is the second time in 6 months. Kevin and Brynn were already there by the time I got home. We cleaned up hundreds of gallons of water and finished the night with left over pizza. What a way to start a weekend.

Sunday was pretty good though as we went to our former pastor's house. We see them every couple of months and Brynn loves, loves, loves Miss Pat, the pastor's wife. They are so good to her. It was a nice way to end a weekend--sitting around visiting with people and eating stuff you really shouldn't be eating.


Livin' out loud said...

She looks like she had a great time!!!

Vivian M said...

I think it is awesome that you let Brynn help you with the baking, etc. I still have not gotten the courage to do that with Kerri.

Paynes in China said...

What is an oreo ball??? I think I need that recipe!