Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Christmas Day!!!

We woke Brynn up around 7:45. She wasn't too thrilled until she realized we were telling her that Santa had come. She ran out into the living room and found this:

She then started on her stocking and found a ton of Hello Kitty stuff, candy and bracelets.

They had Santa's Workshop at school and Brynn bought Daddy a baseball that said Number 1 Dad. Plus, she autographed it.

Now, I can help Daddy finish the basement.

Playing Hopscotch

Look at my new robe and slippers. Love them!!

Me rocking with my new guitar in my Hello Kitty outfit

Helping Pappy unwrap his presents.

We ended the evening very quietly--just the 3 of us enjoying the peace and playing with the new toys.

I can't begin to say how blessed we are. We have a wonderful family of three and an amazing extended family that truly love us. We really didn't need anything else.

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Vivian M said...

Priceless...the pictures speak for themselves! Merry Christmas!