Friday, November 30, 2007

It's our anniversary!!

No, silly. Not our wedding anniversary or our Adoption Day anniversary. Not even the anniversary of the first time our cat peed in the litter box. It's our 15 month LIDversary!! WooHoo (insert sarcastic tone). I can not believe we have hit this milestone and we are no closer to going to China for #2. Referrals next week may be up to the middle of December, so it looks like it is going to take at least 4 months to get thru all of December's LIDs. That means there will still be 32 weeks of LIDs before we get to ours. Yeah, happy freakin' anniversary.

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Vivian M said...

On the other hand, you are that much closer, and have that much more time to cherish with Brynn before she has to share you with a sibling. Feel free to throw tomatoes at me (and I am allergic to tomatoes).
The wait stinks.