Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Memories...

  1. Brynn waking us up at 7:50 asking if she could check on Santa's cookies to see if he had eaten them. She completely forgot about the presents.
  2. Waking Nate up asking him is he wanted to see if Santa had been here. Him saying no and crying. Then he noticed the presents.
  3. Nate opening a present and being fixated on that one, forgetting he had others waiting to be opened.
  4. Brynn's guitar and her face when she opened it.
  5. Nate's all-too-cute hairdo.
  6. Brynn's excitement and amazing joy at every little present. She is such a grateful child.
  7. The wrapping paper EveryWhere!!!
  8. Brynn saying that she wanted everything she got, but didn't know she could ask for it all.
  9. Being able to have Family Game Night every night for the rest of our lives because of all the games they got.
  10. The slush, the slush, the slush. Cold, cold rain. Moving the party from our house to Jean's house at the last minute.
  11. Having the most amazing extended family ever. We are so loved.
  12. Having our 2 children home with us and being so blessed by them.

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Michele said...

It sounds like everyone had a grand time. Merry Christmas to all.