Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nate's First "Camp Out"

Kevin started a tradition with Brynn that she loves. She couldn't wait to start it with Nate.

They camped out last night.

Just the 3 of them.

Ok. He was actually looking out the skylights at the stars while laying in front of the tv.

That's his definition of camping out.

Nate loved it. Stayed in his sleeping bag all night.

Brynn loved that Nate slept beside her the whole night.

Kevin woke up not being able to move.

I had a great night sleep in my bed. All alone.


Michele said...

Ha, ha! Funny and cute at the same time though not so much for the Hubs. Are there plans for a real one outside in a tent once the weather is better?

Vivian M said...

That sounds like fun! But uncomfortable, lol.