Friday, March 6, 2009

We are home

We had an ugly flight home. The other passengers were rude and just plain dumb. Even the flight attendants agreed with that.

We did have a great surprise waiting for us in Chicago. Families from Brynn's travel group met us there. It was wonderful to see people that we knew. They made signs and gave presents to the kids. What a wonderful feeling to be welcomed like that.

We didn't sleep much on the flight from Hong Kong to Chicago, but once we got on the plane to Pittsburgh, we crashed. I don't think any of us remember the take off. Once we got to Pittsburgh, Brynn was not happy to be awaken and Nathan hated the seatbelt. Such fun.

We landed in Pittsburgh and Kevin's parents and my stepmom were waiting for us. Aaah, family. It was great to be home and in our own beds. You would think we would have just fallen quickly to sleep, but that didn't happen. It was 5 am to us, but 5 pm at home. Didn't matter. No sleep happened. We did nap a lot which I know doesn't help jetlag, but exhaustion sometimes takes over.

This has been a week of doctors. I started getting sick Friday and finally ended up with an antibiotic on Tuesday. Brynn has hives all over her. The doctor thinks an allergic reaction to something (probably the Victory Hotel in Guangzhou:)) Nathan has gotten 3 shots and needs one more. We went to the cleft team appointments and met every doctor that he will need for his mouth. We have three appointments one day in April to discuss his other issues. And Brynn and I both had dentist's appointments and Kevin had an allergist's appointment. We've been busy.

I go back to work soon and really can't wait to get back into a routine. It will help us so much to calm down into something normal. Does normal even exist anymore?


Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I just got a bunch of posts in here all at once so excuse me for not commenting on all. The Disney trip looked like a great end to the trip. sorry the ride home was cruddy.

Cavatica said...

I'm just catching up too. The Disney trip looked cool! Now you sound so busy! And normal? You'll find it, but it will be something new. I remember needing my routine back - for all of us.

Vivian M said...

Welcome back! And I hope you find your new normal soon, and that you all can adjust to the new family routines pretty quickly.
Good luck with all the medical appointments and hope everyone feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. We are going through China SN program ourselves soon. Your children are precious! Thanks for sharing your journey. I shared it with my husband and it helps with any apprehension of traveling. We are wanting to bring our 4 year old daughter as well. Sorry for the bad flight home.

Michele said...

Wow what a busy way to get back to life. A new normal will start to emerge soon. Until then, hold on.