Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey, Batter Batter

Doesn't this one look like she is checking out her own butt?

We think Brynn is going to be very athletic. Unfortunately, I am not. Believe me, that is putting it mildly. I can't catch a baseball for anything. Hopefully, she catches the sports bug from Kevin.


Beach Mama said...

Brynn looks sure athletic! And if she is looking at her butt, it is a cutie patootie to look at!

Although Ana is athletic, she is very timid with group sports. I guess she will do best in one on one competitions like gymnastics, horsebacking riding, etc.

I am not athletic in the least! I do best cheering on the sidelines and bringing snacks to the sports events!

Vivian M said...

I can relate, my favorite sport is watching someone else play andcheering them on. Kerri loves sports too!
Brynn looks real serious in these photos, you may have a junior leaguer on your hands!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I love this series! Go, Brynn!! Our daughter is a total sports jock as well, in fact, it is virtually her only focus. She was obsessed with ball sports from the get-go (no thanks at all to us...neither of us plays or watches team sports! And I can't throw a ball to save my life). Q practices on her own initiative, even when she's in the crib (bouncing and catching off the sides of the crib). She already has a terrific arm for throwing, can shoot a basket quite accurately, and kicks a soccer ball with surprising expertise. Who knew?