Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just some bullets

This is what has been happening in my life recently:

  • My sister has shingles on her face very close to her ear. The doctor is scared that they may go to her eye. She is in pain and I feel sorry for her. But, you want to know who I really feel sorry for? The prisoners she guards. Yep, she is a guard in a prison and they better toe the line for a while.
  • Someone very important to me died. She was there for me through way too much stuff. I already miss her terribly.
  • We had another LID-versary. 25 months. And really, who cares anymore?
  • China reffered some more kids this week. They did 6 whole days. Like my friend said--better dust off those suitcases. We'll be traveling before we know it. Yeah, right.
  • I scheduled my surgery for my hysterectomy. Tired of being tired. And the pain is just getting unbearable at points.
  • Kevin's Dad had a pacemaker put in last week and is feeling so much better. Hopefully, we are done hospital hopping with him for a while.
  • Brynn is enjoying preschool, but I am hating the fund raising they are doing. I'm already paying a nice price for tuition. Do they really need another $250 from me?
  • I am loving the fall weather. Nice crisp nights. It will be soon time to light our fireplace. Cozy.
  • Hating changing Brynn's closet over from summer to fall/winter clothes. And we keep everything she grows out of in case we get another daughter. You really don't want to know how many totes we have. Let me just say--if we get referred a boy, eB*y here I come.
  • My brother stood my 96 year old grandma up again. When will he grow up?


3D said...




Keep smilin!

Vivian M said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss, and your sister. Hope your surgery goes well and you have a quick recovery!
I know how you feel about the closet thing, it seems that summer went by to fast! Kerri has so many things she has not even worn yet.
Hope Kevin's Dad is doing well.
Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, happy lidversary!
Huge hugs!!!!

Mamacita said...

Cheers. Happy 25th to us. Blech.

Sorry to hear about your loss.
Happy to hear about your hysterectomy. I want one.
We're in the same boat with the clothes. I just went through the bins again and pulled out some more. If we have another kid, she's going to want some of her own stuff I think!
I too love the fall!
Keep your chin up!

Mom To Six said...


My sister has an LID of 9/06, I feel so bad, no one ever mentions her waiting on China anymore. Just keep thinking...IT WILL HAPPEN!

I'll be praying for your hysterectomy. I had one done 6 weeks ago and am feeling SO much better, although I must that during week 1 I thought, "What the hec have I done." It was definitely worth doing.

Sending you hugs!!