Friday, October 10, 2008

The end of an era

My grandma has decided that she is not strong enough to live alone anymore. She is now permanently moving into my aunt and uncle's house. She has spent the past few winters with them and she is very comfortable and happy there.
But, this is the first time in my life that I have seen her porch like this. There is no porch furniture. No green metal swing. Empty. And everyday when I drive by it, the sight is still surprising.
I have been able to walk to Grandma's house whenever I wanted for my entire life. And Brynn and I would just walk down just to say hello. Brynn has mentioned many times that she can't do that anymore. And it definitely makes her sad. Me too.
The house is being sold. All of her stuff, auctioned off. Such a change.


3D said...

Whenever we go to my Mom's hometown, the first thing I do when I arrive is drive by my Nanny's house even though it was sold many years ago and it is all changed. A long ingrained habit that I can not be rid of nor want to.


Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

This just happened to one of our neighbors. It felt sad and creepy to walk around their estate sale.

I am sorry this transition is happening, but as my grandfather always says, "it is all a part of life."

Take care

Cavatica said...

That would make me sad too. It looks like a cool, old house.

Vivian M said...

Oh how sad. It's a beautiful house and I am sure full of wonderful memories. I am glad your Grandma is comfortable living with your Uncle and Aunt.

Sagent and Bess said...

It is wonderful that she has someone's home to go to. so many do not.
I am sorry

and for your comment: Thanks!!! made me laugh
xx, M