Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The birthday picnic

We had a picnic on Saturday to celebrate Brynn's birthday. She was so excited all day. This had definitely been the first birthday that she has been THIS excited about. And it isn't the big things. She is excited about everything from picking out the wrapping paper that her presents were going to be wrapped in to a paper "happy birthday" banner hanging from our mantle.

The Tinkerbell cake.

"I'm not touching the cake. Promise."

"Make a wish."

My favorite cousins.

She got a Dora scooter, a Crayola easel and a Littlest Pet Shop set. She was in Heaven. And the money. Let's just say she is set for Disney.


Vivian M said...

That is the prettiest cake and even prettier birthday girl I have ever seen! (Well, next to Kerri of course).
Happy birthday Brynn!

Mamacita said...

Pretty cake!

Happy Birthday, Brynn!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brynn! Wow, 4 already?

Julie & Kev, hello, hope you are doing well.

Jenn Riffle
(Renee' Rader's sister)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Brynn! Looks like she had a great birthday & I too love that cake!!
Hugs from Sophie, Ileana & Chris