Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wow! Referrals

Can you believe it is referral time already?

And China made it all the way to January 25th!!

Wow! (Sarcasm is now dripping from the computer)

According to, our expected referral date is 8-19-11. Yes, that is 2011. And there are 217 LIDs in front of us.

Isn't that great news?

Totally sucks.


Mamacita said...

Vomit. No sarcasm required.

Anonymous said...

It keeps getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

you know what ours said 5/16/2014 - over a 7 year wait!!! See you on Friday and there better be ALCOHOL involved!

Vivian M said...

Oh that is just horrible! I keep praying things will change after the Olympics and that the timeframes will speed up.
Huge hugs.