Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Captain Hook?

I am not artsy, creative, or even that good with glue, but Brynn wanted to be Captain Hook. We are preparing for our trip to see Mr. Big Ears, so we are watching a lot of movies. Peter Pan is the movie of the week.

So in between making supper, cleaning up supper, preparing zucchini and peppers to make marinara sauce, and snapping and freezing quarts and quarts of green beans, we made her into Captain Hook. Let's just say it's a good thing that she has a great imagination.

She found a coat (her spring coral and white gingham jacket) and a hat (a lilac ball cap with Tinkerbell on it). We made a telescope (construction paper rolled up and secured with tape), a feather (foil cut in the shape of a feather; why oh why didn't I use construction paper for that too?), and a hook (made from foil). If only I could have figured out how to make an eye patch that didn't require me super glue-ing it onto her face. (Just kidding. I wouldn't have used super glue. Maybe some Elmer's, but never super glue.)

She played with this all night. And everything went to Grammy's house today with her so that she can be Captain Hook all day. Isn't Grammy the lucky one?


Mamacita said...

I just love that she wants to be Captain Hook instead of a princess!

Vivian M said...

What a wonderful costume! Hey, I could turn into Wonder Woman with just some aluminum foil! Ah to be a kid again...
By the way, Kerri says those cardboard inserts left over from when the paper towels run out make great pirate accessories...she uses hers to look for land or treasure, and it doubles as a sword.