Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter Weekend

Our weekend was awesome. Why do long weekends go by so quickly?

We started with a Good Friday movie. We went to see Horton Hears a Who. It was so cute. Brynn loved it and keeps asking when we can go watch the "Big Movie" again. She better start saving her money if she wants to see movies at the theater. It was more expensive than we remembered to say the least.

Friday night we went to a birthday party for our friend's seven year old son. Let me just say--a birthday party for a boy is a lot different than a party for a girl. It was held at a local community center and the boys went wild for 2 straight hours. Wore me out!! Hockey Sticks, Basketballs, Dodge Balls, Scooters, Wrestling Everywhere! Give me a tea party anyday!!

Saturday, Brynn and I went shopping, just the 2 of us. It was so much fun. We don't do that stuff enough. And we ended the day at "Old McDonalds". Nothing is better to a 3 year old than chicken nuggets and fries.

Saturday night, we colored eggs. She really liked mixing the colors. At one point we had 5, but ended with one really ugly black/blue. Oh well, she had fun. Nothing else really matters. Notice the concentration in the above picture and the blue dot between her eyes. Yep, egg coloring right between the eyes.

This is a picture of Brynn after she found her basket from the Easter Bunny and our present to her. Doesn't she look like a trucker in that hat? She loves Tinkerbell and Purple and loves her new hat. Can't you see the happiness in her smile?

Sunday was spent with our family. They love Brynn and she is the only kid, so she is spoiled to death. They had an egg hunt for just her with prizes. Surprise, she won them all. And got money and Dove chocolate. Not a bad haul at all.

Finding the eggs!!

Hope everyone else had as wonderful of a weekend as we did.

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