Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The kid is starting to rhyme

Driving to her dentist appointment today, Brynn decides to rhyme the entire time, which I was completely ok with until...

Car...Far Mommy does that rhyme?


Sun...Fun What about that?


Glass...Act Does that rhyme?

Yep, sounds good to me.

She had to have her cavity filled today. I can not believe how easy it was. No numbing. No shots. No horrible drill sound. Just a little tickle, a squirt by the weird looking gun, and a funky looking flashlight. That's it. She could even eat right after it. So easy. Nothing like when I had cavities filled. So old school!


3D said...

Cool...the Dr Seuss gene is rearing its head.

WAY better method to fill a cavity then the traditional, ginormous needle method.

Keep smilin!

secret agent said...

I just had one tooth filled, he drilled and drilled and drilled.
It was nothing like you decribed, Ibuprofin is what he prescribed.

Does that rhyme?

secret agent said...

I'm back..........I came to see what you posted for our 19 month lidiversary today


secret agent said...

not even a comment on my poetic genius?????