Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our One Year LID-versary!

I can not believe I just typed this. We have reached our one year anniversary of the date our paperwork (dossier) was logged in by China. We never had this when we waited for Brynn since that wait was only 6 months 4 days. We are happy that one year is out of the way, but sad that we are still waiting. Is our second child born, even conceived? Is she waiting for us to come and get her? We just don't know. The wait is so hard.

Please know baby girl that we love you even though you aren't with us. We think of you everyday. And you have a little girl waiting for you that can't wait to be a great big sister.

So Happy Anniversary to all of those with an August LID.


Mom To Six said...

Congratulations! It's a BIG milestone. My sister has an LID anniversary in a couple of weeks on Sept. 12. Hopefully things will be speeding up as the year ends!


Vivian M said...

Happy LID-versary!! You are one year closer, even though it still seems so far away. Hang in there.