Monday, August 20, 2007

The company picnic

The jumpy things must be really big this year. This is the second time this year we went to a party that had one. Brynn is a a very cautious and has to warm up to her surroundings before she will join in. This is something I have to remember about her, because I am not like that. I expect her to be like me and I know she isn't. Something new to learn everyday when you are a parent!

She loved the slide on the playground, but would not slide down the one in the jumpy thing. She just sat at the top for 5 minutes, then climbed down the steps. We were hoping that Kevin would have to go get her, but she came down by herself. Darn. I would have had some good pictures of that.

It was so cold and rainy this Sunday. We actually broke a record for the lowest high tempurature. It was 64 degrees. I think Mother Nature forgot it was August!

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Vivian M said...

Oh, Kevin should have gone in anyway. Next time jump right in! It's a cute picture, hope she had fun!