Monday, January 18, 2010


Tonight, we went to my cousin's restaurant to celebrate my grandmother's 98th birthday.

She hasn't had an inside bathroom all her life, or a car, or electricity. No microwaves. No computers. No internet. No digital camers. No tv.

Her husband died very young. He was only 52. She never remarried. She has been single more years than she was married.

She lived on very little money, but somehow has traveled more than many people I know.

She went everywhere with us when I was growing up. If we were going to a party, she was going with us. She always says "Don't ask me if you don't want me to go."

She can be ready in 5 minutes.

She is frugal. Would rather wear a shoe with a hole in the toe than buy new ones. They were still good on the bottom so why get new?

She appreciates everything that is done for her. It can be a container of mints or a trip to the beach. She says thank you for it all.

I admire this woman more than I can say.

She has lost her husband, her sister who was her best friend, a daughter in law and a son. Yet, she still smiles all the time.

I am so blessed to have this woman in my life.

I cannot tell you how honored I am to call her Grandma.

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Cavatica said...

She sounds AWESOME!!! Happy Birthday to your grandma!