Sunday, July 5, 2009

Excitement on the 4th

Now this is really not what you want to see in your yard.

As I am washing my garage windows, I hear my neighbor yell "Fire". To a person that has lived through a house fire, those words send chills up my spine.

I turn around and their playhouse is on fire. I run around the house and get Kevin. He and the neighbor's kids grab buckets to get water from their pool to the playhouse and also hoses.

The fire department comes pretty quick considering we live in the country. And we were surprised to see what fire department showed up. Thought it would be a different one. Who knew?

It turns out their son was playing with sparklers in the playhouse earlier in the morning. The playhouse still had some straw in it. The sparkler just smoldered until it burst into flames. The flames didn't show up until late afternoon. Literally, hours later.
The message--sparklers can cause fires. After you are done with them, put the in a metal container with water in it. Let them sit there for a while. It's worth the extra effort.

The result


MotherMotherOcean said...

That is crazy! It would scare me.

Michele said...

BIG oops. Do the same with ashes from a fireplace or BBQ. I know of way too many houses that went up in flames because they were carelessly disposed of.

Snowflowers Mum said...

that is scary!

looks like someone is out a playhouse!