Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We have been waiting since August 30, 2006, for a referral.

We finally got a picture of our son October 23, 2008. Almost 26 months of waiting.

And now, we are waiting for Travel Approval. It hasn't been that long. Only since December 10, 2008.

But the waiting is driving me crazy.

We have pulled out our suitcases. Just seeing them in the bedroom makes my stomach do flips. We have bought clothes for Nathan and planning on what clothes to take for us. We have toys for Brynn, toys for Nathan. Brynn is willing to share this, but probably not that. She wants to take about 4 dolls and 3 stuffed animals. I can't wait to see who she actually picks. Will it be Mei-Mei, Lin-Lin, Panda, maybe moo-moo? Such an important decision.

We have gifts packed for the orphanage director and civil affairs officer, but nothing for the foster parents. What do you give to someone that says "thank you for taking care of my son for the first 20 months of his life" and it be a wonderful sentiment.

I expect Travel Approval any day. I really feel like I am not ready. We have so much to do and it just isn't getting done. I just need a date so that we can buy the tickets and have a definite date. Everything else will fall into place after that, I hope.

Waiting just stinks.


Vivian M said...

Waiting does stink! But just think how wonderful it is going to be to finally meet your son!

Melissa said...

Waiting definitely stinks...hang in there, your letter will be coming soon! We ourselves thought getting TA was the best news, but because we are adopting Matthew from Beijing - we can't have definitive travel plans until next week because there may be a change in how long we are required to stay there. Hang in there, and we will be thinking of you! Your little guy is just precious!