Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Magic Kingdom

Brynn, Kitty and JJ in front of the castle

Kevin, Brynn and Me

Brynn and I using Minnie's chair.

Daddy and Brynn on the train. She got to be a guest conductor and say "All Aboard".

This was probably the most fun we had. Kevin's cousin, Chris (who lives in Orlando) and I were on the Magic Carpet in front of Kevin, Brynn, Joe, and JJ. We were playing something that resembled chicken the whole ride. So much fun.

Magical. Just Magical.


Mamacita said...

Do your feet hurt?

Looks like you had fun. We were there last January. It was an exhausting blast!

Mom To Six said...

You were just a couple of hours away from us!

It looks like everyone truly did have a "magical" time! I LOVE DISNEY!



Vivian M said...

Finally, a picture with you in it! I love that one of you and Brynn in Minnie's chair, please frame that one!

Chris Weaver said...

That was one of the funnest days I had in Magic Kingdom. Can't wait to do it again with Brynn and Nathan.