Monday, April 14, 2008

Customer Service?

Since we lives out in the boondocks, we can't have regular cable. We have to use a satellite dish. You would think that it wouldn't be a problem. Well, it has been a problem for the last 2 years and Kevin finally had it.

We came home from church yesterday to find the satellite not working. It really wasn't a surprise since it has been having issues for the last 6 months. Kevin called and got a gentleman with an Indian accent. He was on the phone with him for a few minutes and the gentleman hung up on him. (Strike One) Kevin calls back and gets another person from India. Now, you have to understand, Kevin doesn't do accents. He can't understand them. Never has been able to.

So, he starts this conversation with "Hey, the previous guy just hung up on me." and gets no comment from the new guy. The new rep goes through a series of tests that last 45 minutes and tells us, "Yep, you got a problem.". He must have taken the Americanized name of Sherlock as in No Shit Sherlock.

So, what can be done, we so innocently ask. Well, they can have a tech to our house on Thursday. Thursday? As in 4 days from today? (Strike Two) Well, ok, since we are being inconvenienced, can we get a free upgrade? (We have an original system that they will only replace with a refurbished machine and that is the reason we keep having problems.) Rep dude stutters and stutters and stutters some more until Kevin askes for a supervisor or manager.

Well, aren't they the lucky ones? No supervisors can be found anywhere. Kevin is put on hold 5 times while they "look" for one. Sorry, can't find one--Strike Three. You are out of here!!! After an hour on the phone, he calmly gets off and calls the competitor. They are at our house right now as we speak.

I hate that companies don't feel it is important to keep current clients happy. Customer Service just sucks anymore. And our previous company will be getting a wonderful letter from me stating why we left. And you know what we will start getting next month? Letters from them asking us to come back. Ya, sign me right up.

Update--Kevin called to cancel our previous service and of course, the company was willing to upgrade our service without any problems. Too late, losers. We'll keep the new company. Thanks anyway.

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Vivian M said...

Many companies have outsourced many of their customer service functions to India and other countries, simply because it is way cheaper. What they fail to realize is that in the long run, it costs them more, since unhappy customers will move on to the competitor or give bad word of mouth advertizing. It is sad that the focus today is on greed instead of pride and keeping the customer happy.