Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our weekend

We had big plans for this past weekend. Unfortunately, they didn’t happen. Kevin woke up for work on Saturday at 5 am and had a major muscle spasm in his neck. It knocked him to the ground and made him very nauseous and cold. We headed to the ER after dropping Brynn off at my Stepmom’s house. (Boy I hate to wake people up that early!)

We hate our local ER. The hospital itself is wonderful, but the ER department stinks. Kevin was the only patient there—no one else anywhere, just him—and yet he waited an hour and a half to see the doctor. At one point, the nurse came in and was stunned that the doctor hadn’t made his way in to see him. Now, I understand that Kevin wasn’t an emergency, but he was the only patient. We assumed the wait was crazy when the nurse asked if the doctor had been in yet and was surprised when we said no.

Once the doctor decides to mosey in, he says that Kevin has spasms in his neck. And he went to medical school for how long? Yeah, we knew about the spasms. How about some medication? He is prescribed a shot and pain medication and given a neck brace. The brace doesn’t fit. It doesn’t hold his head up. Can’t wait to see the bill for that! The doctor doesn’t care what caused the spasms obviously since he didn’t order any x-rays and he just told us to follow up with our family doctor.

Kevin goes to our wonderful family doctor Monday. Our doctor questions everything that happened in the ER. The brace doesn’t work, the pain medication is too strong (knocks him out cold) and the anti-inflammatory is too weak. And, of course, no x-rays. Ugh, love that hospital.

So, Monday, he got x-rays and hopefully will get the results today. He has slept pretty much continuously since Saturday morning and still can’t turn his neck to the left. So, say a prayer for him. Poor guy.

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Vivian M said...

Hope it's not serious and that he gets well soon! Will keep Kevin in our thoughts and prayers.