Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Just Terrible..."

Last night, Kevin had to fix a leaking pipe that was in our basement. Brynn wanted to "help". (Not really a good thing to have a 2 year old helping when there is an open fire from a propane tank!) Only one problem--she had to pee-pee and poo-poo. (Thank you Elmo for the words!) After going up and down the stairs 3 times, I got smart. I brought the potty chair to her. She sat on it for 45 minutes with her Pull-up around her ankles. Never did pee-pee:) Aaaah, the joys of ptty training.

Brynn's new catchphrase is "This is just terrible." She said it all last night, no matter what we were doing. We were feeding the dogs. We were eating supper. We were driving to Aunt Norma's. We Were trying on dresses at Aunt Norma's. We were fixing a leaky pipe in the basement. "This is just terrible." Never did figure out what was so bad!

About the dresses that Aunt Norma made--They are adorable. She made Brynn 2 dresses and 3 skirts. I will have to post the pictures later. Aunt Norma is such a sweetheart for making them. They make potty training easier too. Plus, Brynn loves to "Wig-dle, Wig-dle" in skirts. So cute!!

Last night she also told me her favorite color--It's purple. Just like Dora's backpack. Maybe her new room should be purple, hmmmmm.

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